Keeping Up with Tech in Social Impact

I’ve worked in social impact communications and program management for almost a decade, and although technology has changed immensely in that time, social impact organizations seem to trailing behind. The reality is that even with the numerous and growing grants for tech solutions, nonprofits don’t have the talent or the funding to create something technology […]

How are companies still ignoring Mobile?

Many companies are still making a monumental mistake; they don’t have a mobile site. According to a Nielsen study from June 2011, 25% of smartphone owners use their phones instead of a computer to search the web. This number is only increasing as more than 45% of cell phone owners have a smartphone, and Advertising Age predicts […]

Cyber Monday Advice for Retailers

Mobile shopping is on the rise, and there is no day better to discuss it than Cyber Monday! How exciting is it that you don’t need to wake up at 5am on Black Friday to get a great deal. Today, you don’t need coffee and an alarm clock to get yourself ready to shop. All you […]

The Newspaper Willing to Embrace Digital

On USA Today’s 30th birthday, they released a redesigned website. Many newspaper companies have websites that look more like a newspaper. USA Today’s new site looks more like an iPad App. This marks an important shift in web design. Many companies are now realizing that websites should be more interactive like apps and less like […]