How are companies still ignoring Mobile?

Many companies are still making a monumental mistake; they don’t have a mobile site. According to a Nielsen study from June 2011, 25% of smartphone owners use their phones instead of a computer to search the web. This number is only increasing as more than 45% of cell phone owners have a smartphone, and Advertising Age predicts […]

Advergaming with a Real Life Avatar

As I mentioned in my last post, the new South African middle class isn’t very trusting of advertising. This means companies need to find innovative ways to capture their attention. Caltex and BMW chose to create an interesting advergaming experience that really makes me wonder if other brands are really using social media to its […]

Nickelodeon: Digital and Diverse (before it was mainstream.)

Nickelodeon’s multicultural marketing efforts began well before many companies started to realize the value of ethnic markets. You may remember their “Nickelodeon Nation” commercial they released in 1999 (a year before census data started drawing attention to multicultural markets.) The 60 second spot features kids and Nickelodeon characters, real and animated, from various backgrounds.This ad is extremely inclusive and empowering, […]