Cyber Monday Advice for Retailers

Mobile shopping is on the rise, and there is no day better to discuss it than Cyber Monday! How exciting is it that you don’t need to wake up at 5am on Black Friday to get a great deal. Today, you don’t need coffee and an alarm clock to get yourself ready to shop. All you […]

The Newspaper Willing to Embrace Digital

On USA Today’s 30th birthday, they released a redesigned website. Many newspaper companies have websites that look more like a newspaper. USA Today’s new site looks more like an iPad App. This marks an important shift in web design. Many companies are now realizing that websites should be more interactive like apps and less like […]

Nickelodeon: Digital and Diverse (before it was mainstream.)

Nickelodeon’s multicultural marketing efforts began well before many companies started to realize the value of ethnic markets. You may remember their “Nickelodeon Nation” commercial they released in 1999 (a year before census data started drawing attention to multicultural markets.) The 60 second spot features kids and Nickelodeon characters, real and animated, from various backgrounds.This ad is extremely inclusive and empowering, […]